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Blood consists of a large number of tiny cells flowing together in a liquid. This liquid is known as Plasma. These cells include Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells ( which come in different
types such as Eosinophils, Basophils etc. ) and Platelets, each of these cells have a different function in the body.
Platelets were always known as cells which are useful to blood clotting after a wound. They accumulate over the wound site and stick together to form a mass into which other cells get accumulated, forming, in the end, a natural plug ( Clot ) which blocks the bleed and allows healing to take place underneath while shielding the area from Infections. This role of platelets in preventing bleeding was known, however, newer findings show that Platelets in fact also release Growth agents called Platelet-Derived Growth Factor ( PDGF ). This little beauty does quite a lot of rejuvenation work.

PDGF helps promote and monitor blood vessels, it is also part of the process needed for cell growth and rejuvenation. Being a natural product of the body, it is harmless and quite a brilliant tool
in Plastic surgery. The uses of it would, of course, be many. The tricky part is to use it efficiently, and that’s where Platelet Rich Plasma comes in. Whole blood ( Blood which has not clotted ) is centrifuged to separate the red and white blood cells out of it, leaving just the platelets. This remaining fluid now has a high concentration of platelets which is perfect to efficiently deliver the rejuvenating effects of platelets to a whole host of rejuvenation needs. The best part is the blood is your own blood, there is no chance of any adverse effects or infection.
Desire Aesthetics uses Platelet Rich Plasma to do a Vampire Facelift, where Wrinkles, Forehead lines, lines under the brow, and others can be eased out as well as a general overall skin tightening happens. This makes your face look far younger. Non-surgically, Non-invasive, perfected in Chennai by Desire Aesthetics and Dr. Sivakumar and team.

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