Stretch marks are lines or scar that develops when our Skin Stretches or Shrinks in a short time span, and are extremely common.


Anyone can develop a stretch mark, but it tends to affect women more than men.


When the Skin layer Stretches quickly, some of its collagen fibers can break, this allows the blood vessels to show through, leaving behind tell-tale red or purplish marks. Over time the stretch marks fade to a White or silver color. These marks don’t usually go away by themselves. 


Stretch Marks may occur on a range of body parts, 



Stretch Marks commonly happen during ;



Treatments for Stretch Marks

Treatments available through skin doctors and plastic surgeons offer some hope for dramatically reducing the appearance of stretch marks. No solution has been shown to work for everyone, but many people find success with some of the following treatments.


Laser or Light Therapy

Laser/Light therapy is a non-toxic and non-invasive therapy that uses light energy to repair and regenerate skin cells. Laser therapy is one of the latest treatments for stretch marks that are effective in reducing their appearance. A plastic, cosmetic, or skin surgeon will carry out these procedures.

laser therapy for stretch marks












Microneedling targets the dermis (Thick layer of Skin where stretch marks are formed). Tiny needles are poked into the skin to trigger collagen. By increasing collagen production and elastin, skin regeneration is promoted which in turn improves skin appearance and reduces stretch marks. Microneedling is a trusted method to treat stretch marks specifically for patients with Darker skin. For effective results, micro-needling needs to be repeated over a period of time.

microneedling for stretch marks











Cosmetic Surgery 

Cosmetic Surgery is an effective way to permanently remove Stretch marks from your body.


A Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, and a thigh lift are cosmetic procedures which work by removing excess skin fat and tighten the remaining skin and tissue. These two procedures give the skin and abdomen a flat and firm lookThese common cosmetic procedures, while not specifically designed for the purpose, have the additional benefit of removing Stretch marks.

tummy tuck for stretch marks












Microdermabrasion is a painless procedure that reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Microdermabrasion targets the upper layer of the skin & works by stimulating the skin to tighten collagen and elastic fibers. In this procedure, tiny crystals are sprayed on to your skin. When removing the crystals the dead skin from the epidermis layer is removed. The skin might feel tight and dry. For effective results, microdermabrasion needs to be repeated over a period of time.

microdermabrasion for stretch marks












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