Gynecomastia is an enlargement or increase in the size of the male breast because of excessive growth in breast tissue. It is one of the disorders of the endocrine system caused by an imbalance in the hormones, estrogen and testosterone.

The symptoms of gynecomastia are most often experienced during infancy, adolescence, and old age. For teenage boys, prevalence of gynecomastia is a socially embarrassing condition that affects their self-esteem. They isolate themselves from boys of their age group. They avoid situations where they need to remove their shirt, such as going to temples or going for swimming.

Dr. Shivakumar, Managing Partner of Desire Aesthetics lists some of the most common reasons for gynecomastia.

Treatment options at Desire Aesthetics

Dr. Shivakumar, Managing Partner of Desire Aesthetics, cites the medical case of a Sixteen year old teen, Suresh, who underwent severe depression because of gynecomastia. When Suresh approached Desire Aesthetics, the doctors made a complete assessment of his hormone levels and successfully treated him at Desire. He now leads a normal life of a teenager.

Dr. Shivakumar also recollects cases of students who performed poorly in academics because of gynecomastia and the resulting loss of self-esteem. They lead a normal life now after undergoing treatment at Desire. Liposuction is offered as a solution to those boys who have excessive fat deposits around their breasts. Gynecomastia surgery is performed to remove excess stubborn fat. In such cases, a small incision is made below the areola and fat is removed.

The best part of the treatment is that it does not necessitate hospital stay. Post-surgery, patients need to wear compression garment on the chest for about 6-12 weeks.

Desire Aesthetics offers advanced and precise treatments for gynecomastia based on extensive diagnostic assessment of the condition of the patient. The clinic takes pride in having on role some of the best plastic surgeons in Chennai who specialize in Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia Surgery, liposuction, and all plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

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