The demand for plastic surgeons is on the rise with eager patients waiting for a makeover for cosmetic reasons or medical reasons. Though there is a surge in the number of plastic surgeons available, the question remains whether they possess the expertise in the craft.

You may be looking for the service of a plastic surgeon for a nose correction or a tummy tuck. Both these services and other similar services require deft and expertise to craft the exact look that you expect without exposing you to any risk.

The decision of choosing a plastic surgeon should not be just based on referrals. There is much more that you need to evaluate before making the right choice. Not just with the surgeon but also the surgical facility. Here are some valuable tips to make the right selection.

Certification: Your evaluation of the surgeon should start with checking the credentials. Ensure that he or she is a certified plastic surgeon and is affiliated to the recognized medical board in the country. For example, in USA, all plastic surgeons should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Surgeons who meet the criteria of the affiliated boards are recognized and are more reliable when it comes to expertise in plastic surgery. Membership of certain medical boards is also an indicator of the high level of training that a surgeon has undergone.

Consult reliable sources: Ask friends and other medical professionals who may have a fair idea about the experts in the field. The best is to ask former patients if you can contact them and check if the surgeon has turned out exceptional results. There is no better testament than that. Read reviews about the doctor on reliable websites. But do not go by anonymous reviews because most of the time it is not reliable. Check if the results produced by the surgeon are consistent. Consult your general practitioner to suggest good plastic surgeons who can provide excellent service with the required medical skills.

Check the surgical facility used by the surgeon: Consider the hospital privileges that the surgeon has access to. Most often surgeons are affiliated to certain hospitals. Get more information about the facilities of the hospital, the accreditation, and so on, to ensure that the hospital offers all facilities to handle any emergency.

Ensure the surgeon is approachable: The comfort level and rapport that you have with the surgeon matters a lot before the procedure and post-surgery. You should feel free and confident to ask questions. An empathetic and compassionate surgeon can make you feel at home and less stressful. This is most important.

Verify the charges: If cost really matters to you then you should ensure that you check out the rate. The surgery charge for a procedure varies across surgeons and is based on their experience and success rate, and the kind of procedure planned. Try to obtain an exact quote from the surgeon and also calculate the hospitalization expenses.

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