Youthful and healthy skin is a reflection of self-care. Healthy looking skin doesn’t happen without a little work. ( As Indians, our Skin is constantly under Hot Sun and Pollution. Sun-tanning, Ultraviolet rays or UV rays can damage skin, but by following a few easy steps for self-care we can Rejuvenate Skin glow, reduce Dark circles, prevent Acne & wrinkles, etc. 


Morning skincare is all about Defence and Protection from UV rays, Suntan & Pollution. 


Morning Skincare Routine 

Rise and Shine! Morning Skincare Routine is all about Protecting your skin from UV rays and Pollution – Preventing other bacteria from entering your skin. 


Step 1 – Cleansing 

In the morning, start with a clean slate. Splash your face with some warm water and wash with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. Cleansers are also great for opening and cleaning your pores. Essentially, setting up your skin to be more receptive to the following treatments and products you will use on it!













Step 2 – Serum

Serums are lighter than Moisturizer, Serums are loaded with ingredients that can help and address any issue, be it acne, fine lines, dryness, dullness, you name it. Many Serums contain Antioxidants, which help in neutralizing Free radicals caused by Sun, Pollution and many other things your skin gets exposed to when you walk out the door. 














Step 3 – Moisturizer 

Every skin type needs moisturizer, ( naturally oily skin as well ), even though our skin has its own natural lubrication system consisting of glands that secrete oil to maintain and protect our skin. Moisturizer totally depends on skin type. So choose wisely. Lightweight gel or lotion-like moisturizer which is refreshing, and absorbs quickly, is usually the best option.














Step 4 – Sunscreen

Sun exposure leads to dark spots and patches on pigmented skin, redness of face in sensitive skin, oil secretion in oily skin, dryness in dry skin and wrinkles in all skin types. So sunscreen is a MUST step in Skincare routine. Find a broad-spectrum formula and don’t forget your neck and ears. 

sun screen










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