Botulinum toxin or Botox is derived from an organism Clostridium botulinum, which is found in lakes, uncultivated soils, streams, leftover food, and untreated water. Botox is used widely for addressing cosmetic complaints, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and aged look. While these are the most common applications of botox, you will be amazed to find that botox is suggested as a treatment for other medical conditions. Some of them are discussed here.


  1. Treat a dropping brow: With aging, there is loss of collagen, which results in sagging of the skin. The eyebrow does not appear arched. Botox injection intentionally paralyzes this area of the skin and prevents sagging.


      2. Stop excessive sweating: It is a much embarrassing condition to have sweaty underarms. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition where a person sweats profusely even when the temperature is cool. Botox helps prevent excessive sweating by acting as a shield on the sweaty glands.


      3. Reduce migraine pain: Most migraine patients suffer from intolerance to light and also experience nausea during migraine episodes. Administration of botox helps relieve muscle tension and strain on the nervous system. (


      4. Treatment for Bells Palsy: Bells Palsy refers to a medical condition where a person experiences paralysis of the facial nerves leading to muscle weakness on one side of the face. Botox injection relaxes the muscle that may have tightened up. Botox can also prevent facial twitching.


      5. Stop eye twitch and squinting: Just as facial twitching can be prevented with botox, frequent eye twitching and squinting can be prevented by administering botox. Frequent twitching may even impair a person’s vision.

10 Amazing Benefits of Botox


      6. Relief from back pain: Chronic back pain can be addressed effectively with botox by reducing muscle spasm. Administering botox injection in multiple muscles in the region helps relieve pain.


      7. Treats line and wrinkles: This is the most common use of botox injections. It is a non-surgical solution to remove stubborn lines and wrinkles on the face and neck areas.


      8. Reduces jaw tension: Most migraine patients experience jaw tension because of frequent clenching. Botox injection eases the muscles and the muscles do not engage in powerful or unconscious clenching of the jaw.


      9. Manage acne: In severe acne conditions, botox helps reduce sebum production and the size of the pores on the face. Botox also stops sweat production, which in turn prevents dirt from clogging the pores.


      10. Mimic a nose job: Aging causes sagging of the skin on the nose, which makes your face look older. To lift the nose, botox is injected at the base of the nose. This releases the muscles that make the nose droopy.

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