What is Mommy Makeover

What is Mommy makeover

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal, wonderful parts of life, but they are also traumas to the body. Breast enlarging or sagging, excessive fat and overextended abdominal muscles can change the way you look yourself in the mirror. Many women finds this post pregnancy body so underwhelming and even with a strict diet and exercise it […]

Key Questions to Ask Before a Face Lift Procedure

Have you started noticing lines around your eyes and a dropping chin, which is spoiling your million dollar smile? If this change in your appearance is bothering you, it’s a good move to consider face lift. When there are safe and successful methods to restore and rejuvenate your face, it’s wise to take advantage of […]

Liposuction Procedure Steps

Liposuction has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries over the years. Though liposuction is performed through different techniques, the procedural steps remain the same. Liposuction procedure involves the following steps: Step 1 – Administering Anesthesia Liposuction requires only local anesthesia. The surgeon may also choose tumescent liposuction technique where a local anesthetic such […]

Do I Need a Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck?

If you have been suffering from excess fat deposits, loose abdominal muscles, sagging skin, or stretch marks, you may have definitely considered plastic surgery. Liposuction and tummy tuck are both body contouring surgeries. But which one is right for you? Tummy tuck is recommended for sagging skin. Liposuction does not resolve problems such as, sagging […]

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Liposuction Surgeon

Once you’re convinced and confident that liposuction is the way to go for weight reduction, you must start the ground work for choosing the best liposuction surgeon for you. How do you perform this check? Ask the prospective surgeon the following questions: How many liposuction surgeries have you performed? The higher this number, the more […]

How to Choose the Best Liposuction Surgeon

In recent years, Chennai has developed a reputation for providing advanced healthcare and surgery in reasonable costs. A proof for this statement is the frequency in which newspapers publish articles about foreign nationals who come to the city to undergo advanced surgery. Fortunately, this expertise extends to cosmetic surgery too. For instance, finding an expert […]

Liposuction – A Balanced Look

Right then, I’m 34, female, currently 20 kilo’s over the weight I was eight years ago when I used to act on TV serials.  This is bringing me down badly, and I’d like to change it right now! Should I do liposuction?  It’s tough for me to get an unbiased review, I went to one […]

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