Hair Transplantation – A Viable Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair Transplantation – A Viable Treatment for Hair Loss One of the most common problems that both men and women face today is hair loss. It is traumatic to see hair falling consistently, leading to baldness. Hair loss can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. There are different types of hair loss and each type […]

Causes and Factors for Hair Loss in Men

Factor for hair loss in men

Hair might not be a vital organ that serves a critical purpose in the human body. In fact, hair is not even an organ in the first place. Still, hair loss tends to demotivate people and leads to self-image and self-confidence issues. The aesthetic contribution of hair to one’s personality is what makes people value […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Hair Surgeon

Undergoing surgery isn’t a decision one can take without investing serious thought, weighing the pros and cons, and performing all essential research. This rule applies to all sorts of surgery, including cosmetic procedures, such as hair transplant. Knowing what you’re getting into and understanding the procedure’s long-term effects is essential. The more the experience, the […]

How to find a Hair Transplant Surgeon

So, after some long and serious thinking, you have decided to go for a hair transplant to ensure your looks don’t affect your personality. Good decision. But, can anyone and everyone in the cosmetic surgery domain perform a hair transplant? The answer is a strict no. Though hair transplant may seem to be a fairly […]

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