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Dr. Sivakumar

Dr.A.Sivakumar, a plastic surgeon in Chennai, is the Director of the Desire Aesthetics at Chennai. The Center for Cosmetic Surgery was established to provide patients with both the art and science of plastic surgery. Dr. A. Siva Kumar is recognized for his efforts in patient education and has an excellent reputation for achieving a natural appearance for his patients.
He is completed undergraduate studies at Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University. His master of surgery degree Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University. Dr. A.Siva Kumar Completed Plastic Surgery residency in Stanley Medical College, Chennai. During his three-year plastic surgery residency, he conducted research in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and presented his research at both state and national scientific meetings.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Nose surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure which is used to change the size or shape of the nose. Patients may feel that their nose is out of proportion with their facial features or that it has an abnormal hook or bulbous tip. The nose shape may require correction after damage in a sporting injury or accident. Whatever your reason for seeking advice on nose surgery we can help find the right solution for you.

A rhinoplasty reshapes the bone and cartilage framework of your nose to create a proportionate and symmetrical appearance which balances the facial features.

Our surgeons will create a nose that is perfectly proportioned for your face. They can make your nose smaller, slimmer or smooth away unwanted lumps or bumps. There are different surgical procedures that can be considered but a new nose shape will restore confidence and self-esteem.

Nose re-shaping (Rhinoplasty) is the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure at The Weymouth Street Hospital. We are proud to work with some of London’s leading Rhinoplasty experts.

Rhinoplasty is the most demanding procedure in Facial Plastic surgery and choosing an experienced specialist surgeon is key and most important in achieving a great aesthetic outcome. We offer consultations and surgery with a range of accredited specialists employing surgical and non surgical techniques to enhance the nose. These specialists include general Plastic and ENT Surgeons, but also a group of supra specialist Rhinoplasty Surgeons.


1. Free Consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation with Dr.Sivakumar, a board certified cosmetic surgeon with 20+ years of experience . He will work with you to understand your objectives and the results you want to achieve, talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

2. Surgical Consultation

The results you want to achieve through the surgery will be talked about in detail. The second consultation, might have a consultation fee.

3. The Procedure

During Rhinoplasty, anesthesia (general/local) will be administered. The surgeon will make incisions to access bones and cartilage and will add or remove bone and cartilage to change nose’s form and function.


The Results can be observed soon after the surgery. There might be small swellings which will subside in few weeks and the results will be prominent after a month or two.


What is Rhinoplasty ?

1. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a nose correction / reshaping surgery
Sometimes the surgery helps in breathing problems.
What happens during Rhinoplasty?

2. During Rhinoplasty

During Rhinoplasty, anesthesia (general/local) will be administered.
The surgeon will make incisions to access bones and cartilage and will add or remove bone and cartilage to change nose’s form and function.
Who is the right candidate for Rhinoplasty?

3. Right candidate for Rhinoplasty

A candidate who has considered Rhinoplasty over long term by discussing with a board certified surgeon.
For minor changes in the nose one can consider non-surgical options too.
What are the other benefits of Rhinoplasty?

4. Other Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Apart from improving appearance, correcting birth defects and fixing a broken nose, Rhinoplasty also helps in breathing and fixing sinus problems

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