What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, a.k.a ‘nose job’ is one of the most common plastic surgeries. Nose job is performed to enhance the appearance of nose ( reshaping / resizing ) or to achieve functional benefits like better breathing, relief from sinus or to reduce snoring etc. Before you undergo Rhinoplasty your medical history will be examined and you will undergo a complete clinical examination. The outcome of nose job especially for cosmetic reasons can be met only if your expectations are realistic.


Things to consider before rhinoplasty:

Bumps,depression,other deformation in nose,uneasiness while breathing are a sign that you need to consult your surgeon.Based upon your medical fitness  and other possibilities of risks, the surgeon decides to begin the treatment. Make sure you are consulting the experienced surgeon to avoid future complications.Ensure that your queries get satisfactory answers.


Types of Rhinoplasty:

Open and closed .In open rhinoplasty the surgical cut is explicit whereas in closed rhinoplasty the surgical cut is inside the nose.


Open or Close?

In open rhinoplasty there is no swelling and minimal scarring whereas in closed rhinoplasty there is minimal swelling and no scarring. Also open rhinoplasty gives better look(with patient’s satisfaction) compared to closed rhinoplasty. So the best way is to consult your surgeon and decide which gives you good result.

How it works?




Choosing a best plastic surgeon is the first step to a successful rhinoplasty. Find our reviews in Practo and for free consultation call 95513-32323.


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