Right then, I’m 34, female, currently 20 kilo’s over the weight I was eight years ago when I used to act on TV serials.  This is bringing me down badly, and I’d like to change it right now!

Should I do liposuction?  It’s tough for me to get an unbiased review, I went to one of the better Bariatric consultants in my hometown and this is what he had to say.

“The problem areas are the thighs, shoulder, upper arm and mid-riff.  This makes your body look out of proportion and therefore chubbier.  What happened?”

liposuctionWhat happened?  The truth was I’d let myself go, no exercise, no diet control, just living life and going from success to success.  Of course, what I told him had happened was an emphatic “I don’t know”, to which he tut-tutted knowingly.

I timidly asked if there was a possibility that Liposuction would help.  He promptly sent me out for a series of hormone testing, just in case.

Five thousand rupees in lab test bills later I sat opposite him with a clean bill of health, and my excuse of “I don’t know, it must have been hormones”, well and truly shot to bits. He sent me off to his team for an assessment of whether, where and in what order Liposuction should be done.

First thing they did was consult with me and do an assessment of where my body was now, and where I’d like it to be.  Then they poked and prodded me to exercise it out first.  This had not and did not work again.  Now taking me a lot more seriously they did a preparatory set of blood tests to see if I was fit for surgery.liposuction-diet

I passed these like a champ, while the test results were coming I was consulted about how I’d like my body to look and briefed on what I’d expect just after.  A good part of the talks were about what I’d have to do afterwards to maintain shape.

The surgery was quick, the recovery time slightly painful and the series of consultations afterwards
helped me understand what was happening.  The body had basically been re-shaped, it was now down to me to maintain that pleasing look.

In a way, it’s like stepping back in time.   With a bit of learning of what could happen if I don’t look after myself.  We’ll save that for the next tale.

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