Life before and after Gynaecomastia (abnormally large breasts in a man)

This is a condition I grew up with, having the front of my chest stick out flabbily.  No proportion, no shape, just a lot of teasing as I grew older.male-breast

When I was old enough and understood these things it turned out that there were actual reasons for it. Apparently the body sends out lots of little chemical messengers in the blood called hormones, these are like telegrams and e-mails instructing other parts of the body to do something.  Each hormone has a specific task which it carries out.

Changes in the level of Testosterone and Estrogen change the amount and area of storage of fat.  Unfortunately one of the key areas of storage of fat in men are the breasts.

Two of the principal options to correct this are:

  1. Bringing the original reason for the hormonal imbalance under control, this will leave the existing pouches of fat as they are, however it will stop further accumulation.
  2. Surgery to remove the existing fat pouch, it must be kept in mind that control of the original reason is necessary to prevent recurrences.

The surgery is quick, painless and life changing.  It is now a pleasure to walk into a room full of unknown people and not have that one person judging me by my man-breasts.

As a follow up to surgery there were regular consultations, which educated me on the need to manage the original condition leading to slow accumulation of fat.  Physiotherapy and exercise were a regular part of my regime’.

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