The Latest Technology Quanta System DNA Laser Technology Matisse Laser System with Intergrated Cooling System (this ensures painless treatments) Non-Invasive Fractional Laser Resurfacing Treatments: Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Post Acne Scarring and Skin Tightening & More…………

1-6 treatments may be necessary 4-6 weeks apart. The fractional laser treatment can take between 10-60 minutes, depending on the surface of the area being targeted. The skin is first cleansed; there is no need for anaesthesia or gel, no downtime, back to your normal routine, due to the use of an integrated cooling system this ensures a painless session. These no-invasive resurfacing treatments use an Erbium Glass with 1540nm wave length that splits the laser beam into 1000’s micro beams to produce micro coagulation of tissue.

  • Stimulates new collagen elastin fibre without creating any injury to the surface of the skin allow the surface of the skin to remain in-tact.
  • Producing microscopic coagulation of tissue under the horny layers of the skin to a depth of 1.5mm only
  • Micro beams penetrate will below the surface layer of skin and in the epidermal layer, effectively eliminating deep pigmentation, scarring, acne and other skin concerns.
  • Immediately after the treatment, redness and swelling may occur this will subside within 24 hours


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Rhinoplasty is a nose correction / reshaping surgery
Sometimes the surgery helps in breathing problems.

During Rhinoplasty, anesthesia (general/local) will be administered.  The surgeon will make incisions to access bones and cartilage and will add or remove bone and cartilage to change nose’s form and function.

A candidate who has considered Rhinoplasty over long term by discussing with a board certified surgeon.
For minor changes in the nose one can consider non-surgical options too.

Apart from improving appearance, correcting birth defects and fixing a broken nose, Rhinoplasty also helps in breathing and fixing sinus problems

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