Are you struggling with that annoying patch of dry skin around your mouth? 


In today’s blog of Desire Aesthetics, let’s see how to get rid of dry, irritated skin around the mouth with a few simple solutions!

Causes of dry skin around the mouth

The skin around the mouth is more sensitive than other areas on the face. It is important to take care and not to aggravate the area. 


Some of the common causes of dry skin around the mouth are:



If the dry skin persists and if you have slightly more irritation, burning sensation or red, bumpy patches, it’s always better to consult a dermatologist in case of any allergic reaction or other skin conditions. This way you’d be able to get relief from it faster!


The flaky dryness around the mouth is usually temporary, but it is still annoying. It sure does mess up our perfect Instagram pictures!


Let’s how we can get rid of the dryness with some simple home remedies!

1. Gently cleanse the area daily

Washing your face with very cold or hot water could result in dry skin. Also, using soaps or face-washes with fragrances, artificial colors, or alcohol could dry out the skin even more.  Use gentle soaps and face-washes and always wash your face with gentle finger movements!
















2. Exfoliate dry skin
Every month or so, our body undergoes a natural cycle – new cells appear, allowing old cells to die. When these dead cells get stuck to the surface of our skin, it can clog the pores making it difficult for our skin to absorb moisture and nutrients, leading to dry patches.

Exfoliation helps! By removing the dead skin cells, exfoliation can let our skin pores breathe. The skin is able to absorb the natural oils, moisture and the nutrients from the moisturizers. This improves the skin’s health and texture, bringing out your inner glow! We should cleanse our faces every day and carefully exfoliate every few days. Remember, exfoliating every day can irritate or harm the skin!















3. Moisturize!

This could be the single most important tip for all kinds of skin problems. Moisturize your skin! Because you deserve it! If cold weather is causing your mouth region to become dry and flaky, apply a daily moisturizer and a soothing lip balm to keep the moisture intact. Be sure to use both overnight for maximum hydration.

Always choose the right moisturizer depending on your skin type. Use natural oils or good moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated!















4. Limit your time in the sun and wear sunscreen!

In India, we have to constantly deal with intense summers. Exposure to the sun aggravates the dryness around the mouth! Use a moisturizer with SPF to protect your face from UV rays. Try to avoid the Sun during its strong hours.














5. Drink Water!

At Desire Aesthetics, one of the most repeated phrases is:

Good skin-care always from within the body! Hydration from within is incredibly important for your overall health, not just dry skin around the mouth, Always make sure you drink the recommended amount of water every day!















6. Change your diet



And like we mentioned, anyone with persistent dryness around the mouth would benefit from receiving a professional diagnosis and treatment. Desire Aesthetics is one of Chennai’s most preferred cosmetic clinics! Follow Desire Aesthetics social media handles for more skin-care and self-care tips, enlightening blog updates and exciting offers at our hi-tech cosmetic clinic!

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