The client was just a 13-year-old boy. He had Grade 3 Gynecomastia which was pretty severe for his age.

When they came in, his parents were worried about his health. They had a lot of misconceptions regarding his condition.

We realized that the condition has caused certain psychological issues in the young mind of the boy. He was unable to mingle with other kids. He was developing a lot of confidence issues as he started to understand that he looks different among other boys his age.

But they had stepped into Desire Aesthetics at the right time before it could cause any irreversible or long term damage in the psyche of the kid.
An Image of Grade 3 Gynecomastia












Our senior consultants at Desire Aesthetics sat the family down and listened to them. After talking to them and relieving them off any misconceptions they might have about the conditions, we went forward with initial examinations.

The boy’s hormonal status turned out to be normal. Since none of the other tests showed any red flags, we suggested they go forward with a surgical procedure to remove the breast glands and liposuction.


Their major concerns were to know:


Our suggestions:


Sivakumar doctor desire Aesthetics











Surgery & Recovery:


going to school













The surgery helped the 9th-grade boy become pretty active quite soon. He was under our follow-up. His parents started seeing psychological changes in him in a few weeks.

He has now completed his 10th grade with very good marks!


happy boy












His parents were quite pleased that they could see a great improvement in his studies and that he had started mingling with other boys in his school way better. They were so happy that they could gift their child an entire future free of worries from health and confidence issues. We at Desire Aesthetics were glad that we could contribute to the well-being of a child at such an early stage. 🙂

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