Hair Transplantation – A Viable Treatment for Hair Loss

One of the most common problems that both men and women face today is hair loss. It is traumatic to see hair falling consistently, leading to baldness. Hair loss can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

There are different types of hair loss and each type is associated with specific reasons. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the cause before taking treatment. Some of the most common reasons for hair loss include the following:

Though causes of hair loss are plenty, the impact is the same. If you suffer from hair loss, it is best to get treated as soon as you can. For those patients, who have pattern hair loss where hair is thin in certain parts of the scalp and healthy at other areas, hair transplantation is suggested. Women with male pattern baldness also benefit from transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. The procedure involves removing hair from the thicker areas and grafting it at the thinning area.  

The surgeon numbs the patient’s scalp with local anesthesia and with a scalpel removes a small section of the scalp. This section of the scalp is further separated into small grafts. The surgeon creates small holes with a needle on the bald scalp area and transplants the hair into these holes.


The surgeon prescribes essential drugs during the post-surgery period and the patient can resume normal work. Hair transplantation is highly successful in restoring your confidence.

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