Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Chennai

Are you looking for the affordable hair transplant surgery cost in Chennai? Get in touch with Desire Aesthetics, led by the renowned plastic surgeon in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar. Among the myriad clinics in Chennai, Desire Aesthetics is regarded as one of the best hair transplant centres. The cost of treatment in the city depends on several factors related to the procedure, the patient & the surgeon. The cost per hair transplant varies from 40,000 INR-1, 60,000 INR directly proportional to the number of grafts.

What is The Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Chennai?

The cost of hair transplant in Chennai may vary from 40,000 INR-1, 60,000 INR that depends on various factors such as the procedure, number of grafts, the patient condition and the clinic. Each hair graft cost will be around INR 40 – 120 that differs from clinic to clinic.

Each case differs from another when it comes to the hair loss of a person and the related hair transplant is bound to differ. There is a great deal in cost variation clinic to clinic, but that doesn’t indicate the quality of hair transplant. There are many cheaper clinics that compromise with quality and a number of important factors that hold the key to a successful hair transplant.

Our treatment procedure

When a person suffering from acute hair loss or baldness arrives in our clinic, any form of treatment or procedures can be applied or suggested after a detailed examination and diagnosis of the scalp condition of the person. We have a team of trained hair transplant specialists who are well-versed in dealing with different hair loss issues and will suggest the best possible hair restoration treatments for you.


Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most popular hair transplantation surgical options. It involves the removal of follicular units separately from the donor’s area and later transplanting them into the beneficiary thinning area. Being a client-centric clinic, we remain committed to strict protocols of having safety, hygiene, and a high level of success rate in implanting hair. Schedule your appointment now for having a personalized consultation with the best hair transplant doctor in Chennai, be ready for it.


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Sometimes the surgery helps in breathing problems.

During Rhinoplasty, anesthesia (general/local) will be administered.  The surgeon will make incisions to access bones and cartilage and will add or remove bone and cartilage to change nose’s form and function.

A candidate who has considered Rhinoplasty over long term by discussing with a board certified surgeon.
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