Gynecomastia/Male Chest Enlargement is a condition that affects 1 in 3 men and wreaks havoc on their self-esteem. Desire Aesthetics brings you a comprehensive gynecomastia treatment package to get rid of the condition forever!

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Desire Aesthetics GYNECOMASTIA Treatment

Step 1 Consultation

  • First, we listen! Our expert doctors at Desire Aesthetics know & understand the physiological and psychological effects Gynecomastia can have on men.
  • Desire Aesthetics offers a solid 20 40 minutes consultation with one of our expert Gynecomastia doctors to help you decide whether surgery is the right choice for you. Our consultations are in-depth and there is never any pressure to rush to the next step.
  • Desire Aesthetics provides personalized treatment for every clients of ours, so that we can realize and achieve the goals that are specific and unique to each client.
  • Based on the factors of your condition, we determine if it's Gynecomastia Grade 1, 2 or 3, depending on which we proceed to suggest different forms of treatment. Certain types of gynecomastia can be treated without surgery in which case we recommend psychological counseling if needed. The other kinds of medium to advanced stage gynecomastia can be removed with a simple surgical procedure.
  • At Desire Aesthetics, your care is our first priority. We not only assure your safety but also your privacy & confidentiality are upheld.
Step 2 Gynecomastia Procedure

  • The surgical procedure to get rid of gynecomastia permanently is a simple and least complicated procedure. Depending on your condition, either liposuction or mastectomy will be suggested.
  • The surgery is a day-care procedure - meaning you can go home on the same day. The actual surgery is performed in one to few hours time.
  • Desire Aesthetics provides personalized treatment for every clients of ours, so that we can realize and achieve the goals that are specific and unique to each client.
  • At Desire Aesthetics, our team of surgeons have a combined experience of more than 20000 hours of surgery. You can completely trust that you're indeed in safe hands!
Step 3 Post op care

  • The recovery period after the Gynecomastia surgery is pretty short. You can go home on the same day of the surgery and you can get back to your normal routine in just few days time.
  • Desire Aesthetics provides complete post-operative care and consultation. We believe post-operative care is as important as the surgical procedure to ensure complete success of the procedure. We make sure our patients get proper follow-up consultations and care.
  • Ultimately, we care about our patients and nothing gives us more joy than the positivity our work brings in our clients’ personal and professional lives!

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Watch the stories of people who changed their lives with Desire Aesthetics Gynecomastia treatment!

27 year old man with Grade 3 Gynecomatia

Life changing story of a young man who kept postponing his marriage in fear of his condition & scars that might come from surgeries, who got married in just 3 months after Gynecomastia treatment from Desire Aesthetics.

13 year old boy with Grade 3 Gynecomatia

Story of the parents who were worried about their teenage son's health and confidence issues which were affecting his academic performance. The boy has now finished 10th grade with good marks after treatment from Desire Aesthetics!

Overcoming Gynecomastia after 35 years!

Watch the touching story of a 54 year old man who lived with Gynecomastia for 35 years in shame & suffering, before he visited Desire Aesthetics for consultation.

18 year old with Grade 2 Gynecomastia

A liberating story of a young man who overcame insecurity, fear of getting bullied and found confidence to start his college life, after getting Gynecomastia treatment from Desire Aesthetics!


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  • Experienced team of surgeons who perform more than 1000 surgeries every year!
  • State of the art cosmetic clinic with affordable care
  • Complete gynecomastia/male enlarged chest treatment package with flexible payment options!

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Hear it directly from Desire Aesthetics' Gynecomastia Surgery patients!

When I was suffering from Gynecomastia. I used to feel very shy. Because people didn’t know how I was suffering. I didn’t go swimming for 4 years, many things to say. After I consulted with Doctor, he gave me an advice, this is nothing we can cure it easily. Now I’ve completed my surgery, I feel am a new Person. The chief doctor and his team were really nice & caring. Now I can do whatever I want easily, I wear t-shirts every day. Thank you soo much Doctor. No words to say, Thank you soo much. I am completely rid of Gynecomastia, Thank you so much sir.

Arun, Chennai

Awesome doctor. Had a great experience. Very friendly. Clear explanation about diagnosis and patience enough in explaining queries. He is one of the finest doctor I have ever met. I am fully satisfied with the approach of the doctor. I recommend others. Hats off to you

Mohammad HarrisTrichy, Tamilnadu

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

What type of surgery is recommended for Gynecomastia?

Surgery is decided based on the type/grade of Gynecomastia and the identified causes for the problem. The two main surgical options include Liposuction and Mastectomy.

For certain types of Gynecomastia, we'd recommend to treat it via non-surgical ways as well. Visit Desire Aesthetics for a consultation and check up, to find out what's the best option for you!

Can Gynecomastia recur after surgery ?

Cases of Gynecomastia recurrence are very less & uncommon. It varies from person to person. That's why, at Desire Aesthetics, we give you proper post-op care & consultation to minimize the chances of recurrence through guidance in diet, exercise and medication, if necessary.

Why is the first consultation important?

Gynecomastia is a condition which people suffer in private. So apparently people tend to associate a lot of myths and misconception and fears with their condition. That's why you need a proper first consultation where your doubts and fears are cleared by an experienced surgeon. You should be clear about the procedure, outcome and the follow-ups.
At Desire Aesthetics, our team of surgeons are not just the best and the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Chennai, but also patient advisors who care about their clients and provide the right advice, for best results in the surgery.

How long does the recovery process take after male enlarged chest removal?

Healing time varies from person to person. Depending on the type of surgery, you may need 3 to 10 days to resume your normal routine

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