Gynecomastia Surgery in Chennai


Gynecomastia is the growth of abnormally large mammary glands in males that results in breast enlargement. Enlarged male breasts look very unattractive and are mentally discomforting and can impair your self-confidence a great deal. Book your appointment now for best gynecomastia surgery in Chennai!

Gynecomastia Surgery for Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged male breasts are surgically treated by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, or skin. It is the process of getting a more proportioned and more masculine-contoured upper body. Liposuction is done in combination with a minimal scar technique giving the best results towards man boob reduction.


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Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the abnormal growth of glandular tissue in the male chest. It generally arises due to hormonal imbalances in the endocrine system of the body. At times, it comes up because of the intake of certain drugs. Other factors that cause gynecomastia are obesity, steroid consumption, eating junk food and sodas, liver disease, and thyroid problems. Young males facing this problem find it immensely discomforting.


If this problem persists for a long time, then surgical management is the only option left for gynecomastia. The procedure is the surgical removal of enlarged glandular tissue including liposuction and fat removal. It is a day-care procedure and hardly any risk with the surgery. It is performed under the influence of anesthesia. The surgery helps in contouring the male chest profile. Book your appointment now for the best gynecomastia surgery in Chennai!

Diagnosis of Gynecomastia

  1. Manual Physical test of the affected areas genitals and abdomen
  2. Blood Test
  3. Mammogram
  4. Chest X rays
  5. CT SCAN
  6. MRI scan
  7. Biopsy test for the possibility of cancer

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

  • Excess skin and hanging appearance of the chest
  • Secretion of Pain and Pus
  • Slight puffiness in the area
  • Excess localized fat and development of the glandular tissue

Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

  1. One can easily perform their regular physical activities without being self-conscious.
  2. To have a more sculpted physique.
  3. Overcome from insecurities because of Gynecomastia
  4. The person can go shirtless without worrying about the appearance.
  5. Improves body posture and helps men to stand straight and taller.
  6. Provides relief from social awkwardness.
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