A 27 year old man walked into our cosmetic surgery clinic in Chennai, Desire Aesthetics, to get help with his Gynecomastia condition.

His parents wanted to get married. But he kept delaying it. He was worried about marriage.He at last admitted to our concerned senior consultant that he was scared that he would have to remove his shirt after marriage at some point or other. His condition had only become severe the last few months. So he was planning to postpone his marriage for another 1-3 years.

27 year old











Examination & Consultation:

In other words, he was a fit man.

We suggested surgery.

He had lots of doubts like..

Sivakumar doctor desire Aesthetics











We patiently explained everything – that some males develop breast glands. And it’s a normal thing to happen. Once if the glands are removed through surgery, they can lead a normal life like other males.

He then had other doubts again, like..

We explained the scar would too small and it’d be below the nipple area. After a while it’ll become unnoticeable.

We showed him pictures from our previous surgeries to show how the scarring is so low and how we calculate & shape the chest to match aesthetically and symmetrically. We also explained our experienced surgeons at Desire Aesthetics have done around 20000 cosmetic surgeries between them.

Once he was convinced, he started becoming hopeful and asked us to go forward with the procedure.

Surgery & Recovery

Post-Recovery Care:












In 3 months, he got married after delaying the wedding for 2 years unnecessarily. He was extremely happy about it the experience. We, at Desire Aesthetics, were extremely happy to help one more person to find their complete selves within themselves.



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