Most of us would have experienced butterflies in our stomach or gut- wrenching feeling and we are often told not to ignore our ‘’gut- feeling “ when making a decision. Now, there are enough scientific evidence to support these popular metaphors.

Why gut referred as your “second brain”?
The gut plays a vital role in our physical and psychological health through its own neural network called as Enteric Nervous System, a  complex system containing about millions of nerves in the lining of gut. This complex system is called the, “second brain”. This highly organized network does not think on its own.Yet,through hormones,  neurotransmitters and electric impulse , both brains communicate back and forth. This  biochemical signaling between digestive tract and brain is called as brain-gut axis.

Always listen to your gut. Your nervous system and gut are wired to react to certain food.

How does “second brain” influence your health?

Research has shown that,  our body has trillions of good bacteria and most of them reside in the intestine called as gut microbiota. A shift away from “normal” gut microbiota  is called dysbiosis – microbial imbalance and this can contribute to disease. Throughout our lives, our microbiome continues to be a vulnerable entity, and as we are exposed to stress, toxins, chemicals, certain diets, our microbiome fluctuates . Studies show that, poor gut microbiome can lead to inflammatory,  neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.  

Our brain’s health is dependent on many lifestyle choices that mediate gut health; including  diet (i.e., reduction of excess sugar and refined carbohydrates) and pre and probiotic intake. Hence, the lifestyle choices we choose everyday, play a role in mediating our overall wellness and longevity.

Always listen to your gut. Your nervous system and gut are wired to react to certain food. If you feel tired, nauseous after eating certain food , it means that your enteric nervous system may be reacting to something you ate—and sending signals to your brain. Don’t ignore those signals.

Few tips to keep your gut healthy:

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