We all love to wear sleeveless clothes. But if you have dark underarms, you avoid wearing it. You become conscious of exposing the underarms. Dark underarm skin is a type of hyper pigmentation where the skin produces more melanin. Melanin provides the dark color to your skin and hair. Concentration of melanin in certain areas of the skin causes pigmentation.

Pigmentation may occur due to hormonal imbalances, exposure to sunlight for long hours, frequent shaving, deodorants, bacteria, or friction because of clothing. It is good to check the reason for the darkening of the skin before you look out for treatment. Consult a good dermatologist.

Whatever be the reason for the pigmentation, you definitely not want to live with it. Here are some methods available to treat them.

Applying topical creams: To lighten the underarms, following topics creams or ointments are effective. Consult your doctor to know which one suits your skin condition.

Chemical peels: This treatment involves application of a chemical solution to the pigmented area to remove pigmented or damaged outer layers of the skin. Peeling this skin off encourages new skin growth. Most commonly used chemical peels consist of lactic, glycolic or trichloroacetic acid.

Laser Treatment: Laser therapy lightens the skin color by reducing skin thickness. When skin is pigmented, there is a tendency for the skin to get thick. When the thickness is reduced through laser therapy, the underlying skin layer appears lighter in color. The treatment uses laser of a specific wave length on the affected skin. Laser therapy is suitable if topical creams have not worked.

Dermabrasion: The topmost layer of the skin is rubbed with a rotating instrument to expose new layer of skin that is much younger and smoother. This procedure can be easily done by a professional within a very short time. Microdermabrasion is also used for intense pigmentation. In this technique, the dermatologist sprays fine crystals to rub the surface of the skin.

Looking good and feeling good is important. Make a start by talking to dermatologists at Desire Aesthetics. We have all the expertise to guide you through the best treatment to address your concerns.

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