In any kind of surgery, be it functional or cosmetic, post-surgical care plays a vital role when it comes to recovery. Rhinoplasty, or nose job as it’s widely known, is not an exception. Because the human nose in itself is a slightly delicate organ, it’s all the more important to strictly follow post-rhinoplasty measures and medical routines suggested by your cosmetic surgeon.

Specific post-rhinoplasty care guidelines vary on a case-to-case basis, but there are some generic dos and don’ts one must follow during the post-rhinoplasty recover phase.

Here are those guidelines.

Continue abstaining from smoking. Any surgery requires the patient to mandatorily refrain from smoking at least a week or two before the day of the surgery. Post-surgical abstinence from smoking matters more in the case of rhinoplasty because the nose is the first and foremost part of the respiratory system. Besides, the tendency to develop scars increases too when nicotine is involved.

Keep your head elevated as much as possible and place a cold cloth across your eyes at regular intervals for at least two days after the surgery.
Take loads of rest. This recovery phase is the perfect time to just lay back and take a break from your routine.

Use cotton swabs dipped in hydrogen peroxide to clean the outer side of your nose. After a week or so, use cotton swabs dipped in mineral oil to clean the inner side.

Strictly follow the medicine/painkiller routine prescribed by the surgeon.

Switch to contact lens temporarily if you have a vision problem and absolutely cannot do away with spectacles.

Exert yourself physically. Refrain from doing work outs, sports, or any other intense physical activity at least for a month after the surgery.

Perform any activity that could disturb or exert pressure on the nose. This could include activities like bumping noses, wearing spectacles and so on.

Blow your nose vigorously for at least 15 days.

Drive or ride on your own for at least one week.

Expose yourself to excessive sunlight because the skin of your nose will be prone to tanning and discoloration after the surgery.

As mentioned earlier, these are a handful of key dos and don’ts to follow after undergoing rhinoplasty. If the surgeon shares other specific instructions, please make sure to follow those guidelines too to a tee.

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