Gynecomastia affected the confidence of 18 year old

An 18 year old male along with his parents stepped in to Desire Aesthetics to help with his Grade 2 Gynecomastia.                     The 18 year old client has just finished school and he was refusing to join college. We learned that he did not want to […]

How Gynecomastia affected the life of a 13 year old Boy

The client was just a 13-year-old boy. He had Grade 3 Gynecomastia which was pretty severe for his age. When they came in, his parents were worried about his health. They had a lot of misconceptions regarding his condition. We realized that the condition has caused certain psychological issues in the young mind of the […]

Effective Skin Lightening Treatments for Dark Underarms

Skin lightening treatment, dark underarms, skin care, desire aesthetics,

We all love to wear sleeveless clothes. But if you have dark underarms, you avoid wearing it. You become conscious of exposing the underarms. Dark underarm skin is a type of hyper pigmentation where the skin produces more melanin. Melanin provides the dark color to your skin and hair. Concentration of melanin in certain areas […]

Tighten your Sagging thighs with Thigh Lift Surgery

thigh lift

Have you lost a lot of weight and struggling with sagging skin on your thighs? Are you worried that your thighs look disproportionate to your overall appearance? Do you feel compelled to choose clothes that cover your thighs well? If you do, the best solution to address your worries is getting a thigh lift. Excess […]

Overcoming Shame due to Gynecomastia – Small town Vs Cities

overcoming gynecomastia shame

Raju grew up in a small town among people who were rather conservative. Being part of a religious family, visiting temples was a ritual practiced every day. Raju entered his teens, enjoying his school days and the playtime with his friends. It was a fun-filled life until Raju noticed the growth of breast tissue because […]

Tips to find the Right Plastic Surgeon

how to find the right plastic surgeon

The demand for plastic surgeons is on the rise with eager patients waiting for a makeover for cosmetic reasons or medical reasons. Though there is a surge in the number of plastic surgeons available, the question remains whether they possess the expertise in the craft. You may be looking for the service of a plastic […]

Key Facts about Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgery

Sagging skin around the eyes and puffiness associated with ageing may hamper your good looks. In certain cases, this may also lead to functional problems related to the eye. If you suffer from such issues, eyelid surgery is the best option. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty refers to a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of […]

PRP Vampire Facelift for a Youthful You

PRP Vampire Facelift

If you are bothered by the appearance of wrinkles and folds on your face but hesitant to try any of the chemical-based beauty solutions, then Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is the best solution for you. You regenerate your skin using your own blood that contains all nutrients to improve the elasticity and texture of […]

Foods That are Bad for Your Skin

foods bad for skin

You are what you eat! It’s true. Food that you eat plays an important role in determining the health of your body. The best indicator of your health is your skin. To have good skin, it is necessary to have the right type of food. That’s a full circle! Skin and nutrition are closely related […]

Types of Hair Transplantation – Which Type is Right for You?

Types of Hair Transplantation – Which Type is Right for You? Choosing the right type of hair transplantation procedure is the most important decision before you go in for hair transplantation. This decision is entirely based on your hair loss pattern, the hair coverage that you want, and your budget. Hair transplant surgeons follow different […]

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