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Desire Aesthetics, one of the topmost hair transplant centers has the best hair transplant specialist in Chennai offering tailor-made solutions for different hair loss problems. A team of highly qualified plastic & Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery specialists cater to providing the most suitable hair transplant in Chennai to its patients. Today, with the intervention of medically advanced techniques, hair loss or baldness can be reversed or cured through various hair restoration techniques. There may be several hair transplant solutions that can easily get back your desired look and self-esteem.


Hair loss reasons vary and similarly their treatments also vary. Here, we offer the best surgical or non-surgical solutions to help you to get back to the previous shape. Avail of our most effective and latest mode of treatment solutions having the best hair transplant specialist in Chennai.

Our Approach

After a thorough study of the main problems faced by the patient, we offer the best hair transplant solutions. It helps us provide the right treatment at the right time. We use advanced technology-driven medical procedures that enable patients to achieve the most successful results. If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Chennai, our clinic is the answer. We are equipped with the best hair transplant specialists, medically trained staff, and technologically advanced facility.


We offer the most effective hair loss solutions. Our hair transplant surgeons are well-versed with the latest hair transplant techniques like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Bio-stimulated FUE, and PRP Treatment (PRP Therapy). The results of these treatments are highly effective. The use of the safest procedures ensures significant results, no side effects, and zero downtime.

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