Once you’re convinced and confident that liposuction is the way to go for weight reduction, you must start the ground work for choosing the best liposuction surgeon for you. How do you perform this check?

Ask the prospective surgeon the following questions:
liposuction surgeon
How many liposuction surgeries have you performed?
The higher this number, the more you can trust the surgeon to perform a great job because this count simply means that the surgeon isn’t new to performing liposuction and has successfully performed the procedure on numerous other people before you.

Are you certified by an authorized board?
Because healthcare is a critical area, multiple regulations and boards exist to ensure that common people do not find themselves in the hands of unqualified practitioners. A certification by a recognized board means that the surgeon is qualified beyond doubt and possesses all necessary knowledge and experience to perform liposuction surgery.

Which other expert will be available during the surgery?
In most cases, only the actual surgery is performed by the surgeon. Pre- and post-surgery activities, such as administering anesthesia, are performed by designated personnel. Ask for information on all supporting staff and additional experts to make sure that all the necessary actions are taken diligently.

Can you perform the surgery in your center? If no, do you have hospital privileges to perform the procedure?
Because liposuction falls in the bucket of complex cosmetic surgery procedures, it is important to ensure the location is well-equipped and authorized for such procedures. Hospital privileges are safe fallback options in case you develop any complications during the surgery.

What type of anesthesia is used for the procedure?
Based on the areas where the liposuction is done, either local anesthesia or general anesthesia is used. Note that general anesthesia can be administered only by a trained and dedicated anesthesiologist. Therefore, it’s important to know this information.

What possible risks can arise due to the procedure?
No surgery is completely risk-free. In case of liposuction surgery, the risk varies according to the patient’s condition. Ask your surgery about all possible risks involved in your particular case and the necessary precautions you must take to mitigate its effects.

What is your complication rate with liposuction?
This question helps you know if the surgeon has come across any undesired complications while performing the surgery and about the seriousness of the complications. Do not hesitate to ask this question because your confidence in the procedure and the surgeon is of utmost importance.

Can you share before-after photos of past patients?
When it comes to cosmetic surgery, seeing is believing. Request the surgeon to provide as many before-after photos of patients as possible so that you can get an idea of the end-result.

Could you please provide me references to 4-5 past patients?
Just like before-after photos, references to past patients help you get a clear picture of liposuction surgery, and how they felt before, while, and after undergoing the procedure. To hear someone’s experience helps in setting the right expectations in your mind.

How much does the entire procedure approximately cost?
This approximate figure must include surgeon fee, room fee, anesthesia fee, medicine fee, and all miscellaneous charges. Sometimes, patients tend to assume the surgeon fee alone to be the surgery fee and are taken by surprise when the total fee is much more than the quoted cost.

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