Gynecomastia surgery is one of the solutions available to you if you suffer from male breast enlargement. If you are convinced that surgery is the only option, start looking for the right surgeon.

Two key requisites for selecting the right surgeon are experience in conducting plastic surgery and certification from an authorized board.
To understand the pros and cons of the surgery, obtain answers to these key questions.

What type of surgery do you recommend for me?
Surgery is decided based on the type/grade of gynecomastia and the identified causes for the problem. The two main surgical options include liposuction and mastectomy.

Do you have hospital privileges to perform this procedure?
Confirm with your surgeon if the hospital is well-equipped and authorized to conduct gynecomastia surgery. This is important to ensure that the hospital can handle any complication that may arise.

What type of anesthesia is used for the procedure?
General or local anesthesia is used depending on the type of surgery. In most cases, local anesthesia is administered. General anesthesia should be administered only by a trained anesthesiologist.

How should I prepare for the surgery?
Your surgeon will prescribe pre-operative tests. Stop taking blood thinners and other medications before the surgery. As with other surgeries, avoid taking food or water 8 hours prior to the surgery.

How long does the recovery process take?
Healing time varies from person to person. Depending on the type of surgery, you may need 3 to 10 days to resume your normal routine.

What are the risks associated with the surgery?
Most common gynecomastia surgery risks include:
Reaction to materials used for the surgery
Anesthesia risks
Breast asymmetry
Damage to blood vessels or nerves

Will I have post-surgery scars?
Post-surgery scars may exist, depending on the procedure adopted by your surgeon. This again depends on your condition.

What is the cost of the surgery?
The cost of the surgery includes surgical facility cost, medical test, anesthesia fees, and surgeon’s fees. Remember that the surgeon’s fee is based on the experience level of the surgeon.

Does this surgery provide a permanent solution?
Though the likelihood of recurrence is low, it is best to keep a watch on your body weight.

How many patients have you treated? Can you share before-after photos of past patients?
Before-after photos of patients provide visibly convincing proof of the success of the surgery and expertise of the surgeon. You can also get to know the patients’ experience both before and after undergoing the procedure.

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