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Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Chennai
Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Chennai
  • Mrs.Sylvia, Maldives

    "I recently had Breast Reduction Surgery under the expert care of Dr.A.Siva kumar. From my first consultation through to the aftercare, Dr. A. Siva kumar was professional, caring and always allayed any anxieties I had. I cannot thank him enough for the new found confidence his surgery has given me".

  • Mr. Adithya, Chennai

    " I took my 22 year old son for treatment of male breasts. He underwent surgery by Dr. A. Siva Kumar. The results were excellent. The cost of surgery was also very reasonable"

  • Mrs. Radha Gopal, Malaysia

    "I underwent breast surgery from Dr. A. Siva Kumar. The surgery and care taken was excellent. It was only 8 weeks ago. I wanted to take the time to thank you very much for making this all possible. It wasn’t just your skill that made this possible, but the cost also played a part. I really wanted to have this surgery, but thought it would be painful and intolerable. Thanks for taking such good care".

  • Mrs. Rajalakshmi, Chennai

    "I had injured my index finger in kitchen while cooking. My finger had been nearly cut-off. Dr. A. Siva Kumar treated me and operated upon me. I was back to my normal work in no time. The care afforded to me was excellent".

  • Mrs. kanakalakshmi, Chennai

    "Dr. A. Siva Kumar was an excellent surgeon. He had been highly recommended from different sites that I visited while I was researching. The result turned out to be very natural, and I am very happy. I would recommend his Surgery to anyone."

  • Mr. Kishore, Salem

    "I was suffering from Male breast Enlargement. I could not wear T-shirts or go swimming as I felt very bad. Then I underwent Liposuction at Dr. A. Siva Kumar where my father had already undergone surgery for Nose Shaping. I felt great after surgery. There was no discomfort or pain. I resumed college the next day and the results were fantastic. Dr. A. Siva Kumar sir is very calm and good doctor. He eased my apprehensions and fear. Thanks to Dr. A. Siva Kumar. "

  • Mrs. Anusuya, Bangalore

    "I had bad shape of my thighs and hips due to extra fat. I was suggested Bariatric Surgery. Then I came to where Dr. A. Siva Kumar Performed Liposuction only and removed 10 litres of fat in one session. I got excellent shape of my thighs and hips. Thanks to Dr. A. Siva Kumar that I could fly back the same week."

  • Mr. Nanda Kumar, Chennai

    "Thank you for all the special attention and care you have given me. You are simply the best surgeon in the world. Special thanks to all your staff that always go above and beyond to help."

Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Chennai

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